...a sampling of worship songs
songwriter's notes...
...i wrote the verses for “meet me here” after visiting a missionary friend in senegal, west africa.  there was an awakening that took place in my heart... that God could meet me, be with me, speak to me, no matter where Iiwas in my the world. this overwhelming truth was a declaration for me to worship Him even more!  the verses just flew out of my heart onto the paper and the chorus came a little later  as i was reading  Psalm 71…”and i will sing of Your Praise, to the Holy One of Isreal…my lips will shout for joy!”
     for the recording of this song, i felt the Lord saying to me that it should be a “worship party”. so, during a cold october evening with a hurricane outside pouring over people as they arrived, inside the studio became a room filled with the glory of God and His freedom and joy took over…a worship party! he absolutely did “meet us there”! this night was as fun and passionate as it sounds on the recording! 
meet me here anthem of Praise to Jesus..

what a collosal Holy Spirit experience  when a group, community, or local church body comes together with unified, clean hearts to worship Jesus in His throne room!  there is nothing more powerful on earth or in heaven!! how awesome and completely spectacular it will be, when “one day…the nations will come…and we will gather at His throne…and worship Him together,…with one voice!” that day, we will worship Him with one voice in heaven…let’s begin here, by giving praise and honor to Jesus, by coming together in unity and “worship here, together, with one voice”…here…now…we can meet God together…what a privilege!
the” voices of worship choir”, from cornerstone christian fellowship in west chester, pa., came in and in one night learned, practiced and recorded the entire choir track. there were 16 people, but between the amazing engineering of tom zartler, and the dedication and enthusiaism of brigitte rottman (choir dir.), it sounds like 100 people singing! the recording is an actual example of the words of the song…“with one voice, we will praise the precious Name of Jesus”…

a prayer for you..
...i pray, that this day, you will not live in fear…that your heart, eyes, ears, knees and hands will be strengthened…i know that,
YOUR GOD, WILL COME…I pray that  if you are in a wilderness time, that you will rest in a place of peace, even in the midst of trials and feeling alone….and that as His water pours over you,(and it will!) , you will soak Him in, and be saturated in His Presence…and if you are in the desert today…that scorching, depleted, dry and weary land… you will take a moment, to kneel down and drink from the stream that is before you, and fall into this Living Water… His River of Life to you…let it envelop you and then let it fill you to overflowing, so that as you move through your next journey in life, you will be filled, refreshed, restored, strengthened and healed by the oasis of Jesus...ready for all that God has for you ahead……i pray this for you, in the Name of Jesus..
praise the precious Name of Jesus
streams in the desert
praise the precious Name of Jesus
 meet me here
streams in the desert
Songwriters Notes
Collective Work

...a simple song of just how sweet God’s love is for us…”undefiled, supersonic…totally amazing, off the charts…sweet, love…
 these words first came to me as i was writing an email of encouragement to a friend.  I hit send, and realized just how sweet they were and how true. i started writing more words…then the music slipped on like a glove…. just recently another friend of mine had to google "bionic woman" cause he didn't know who that was referencing...come on!! six million dollar man...bionic woman...all the strength and super-human technology that man can imagine or create on his/her own cannot compare to one tiny drop of God's incredible love and His super-nova power to change our lives and renew our strength! 

put on love
never reserve anthing...  
pour out the very best you have and always be poor...

            never be diplomatic 
                                               and careful
                       about the 
                            treasure God gives...

                                                           this is poverty triumphant!
                                                                                                      * anonymous
this song was written directly from colossians 3 as it speaks of "putting to death your earthly nature, and putting on and clothing yourself with compassion and kindness humility, forgiveness and peace". i recall writing the words and music while in church during the sermon(actually on a bulltein because that's the only paper that was available). i am sure that the sermon was on col.3, but i really don't remember much more than that. what i do remember is seeing a picture in my mind of someone taking off all these old filthy clothes, and coming into the love of Jesus...where they are given an entirely new wardrobe. in fact, the first working title of this song was called "new wardrobe", but unless you had read col. 3, it wouldn't have made sense, so i changed it to "put on love"...a much simpler descriptive title. the song starts with an all vocal sound, and then moves into a much more reflective open feel...on purpose.  sometimes, it takes a while to "die to to the old self" and instead be "clothed" with the things from above. at these times we must sit in the presence of the Lord as He renews each part of the inward self, and the "wardrobe" of the outward life that others see. 
col.3:14-"and over all these virtues, put on love..."

put on love