...a sampling of worship songs
                                                                         praise the precious Name of Jesus
meet me in the valleys Lord / meet me in the desert places / meet in the crowded room / and in the open spaces / meet me on the raging seas / and when the earth’s unstable / o Lord, reach out and meet me here / and i will sing of Your praise / to the Holy One of Israel / my lips will shout for joy / and my mouth will tell / o, of Your righteousness / and i will proclaim you Sovereign Lord / i will proclaim You Sovereign Lord / and even when i’m old and gray / and time is movin’ on / i will declare Your power to coming generations ~~words & music-joni miller
meet me here
for such a time as this / to gather in His Name / to lift our voices here / His glory to proclaim / for such a moment here / our hearts to sing as one / to lift our hands in love / and worship at His throne / and we praise the precious Name of Jesus / as we gather here together with one voice / and we praise the precious Name of Jesus / as we worship Him together here as one / we worship here / worship here as one / we’ll worship there / worship at Your throne / and we’ll praise Your precious Name Lord Jesus / as we worship there together with one voice / and we’ll praise Your precious Name Lord Jesus/ as we worship You together…and we’ll praise / 2nd chorus / cause one day / the nations will come / and we will gather at Your throne / and we will worship You together / with one voice~~words & music-joni miller

                                                          streams in the desert
acoustic guitar- jon seiler / keyboards-joni miller / sax-mathew rottman / bass-jon seiler / drums-charlie fisk / djembe-  terri moss / percussion-joni miller / lead vocal-joni miller / chorale-“voices of worship”, cornerstone christian fellowship *brigitte rottman, matthew rottman, linda grigsby, sandi chadwick, terri moss, kevin brisbin, jack christensen

to the
my lips
for JOY!!
strengthen the feeble hands / and steady the knees that give way / and say to those with a fearful heart / be strong and do not fear / your God will come / to save you / your God will come / then will the eyes of the blind be opened / then will the ears of the deaf be unstopped / then will the lame leap and the mute speak / with shouts of joy / as the water pours / oh the water pours / shouts of joy / in the wilderness / pour Your joy / in the wilderness / and pour Your Love, Lord / and streams in the desert / pour over me
~words- Is. 35:3-6 ~music -joni miller

it’s Your love, love, love, love / sweet sustaining, carry me away i need Your / love, love, love, love / Jesus holy, pure and fresh / undefiled, supersonic / totally amazing / off the charts deep love / doot-doot-n-do-do, love / i need Your love / doot-doot-n-do-do, love / i get up, face another day / strength is gone / i got no words to say / can’t depend on these feelings or I’ll dry up / like old elijah’s “valley of the dry bones”/ and i surrender to You / chorus / i get out, movin’ around / so much pain people so cast down / Jesus, i pray for Your Spirit to flow through me / to cleanse me, make me ready as a vessel / to move in this world / chorus / greater love has no one than this / that you would lay down your life / for a brother or a sister / these three remain / faith, hope and love / but the greatest of these / oh, the greatest of these / yeah, yeah / chorus / better than superman/ is Your love / better than fairytales / is Your love / better than hollywood / is Your love / better than the bionic woman / better than anything i could ask or imagine / Your love
~~words & music- joni miller

current project-meet me here- 5 songs
 meet me here  back cover
   artwork-"Names of Jesus"-chris chadwick
keyboards-joni miller / synth- terri moss / bass-brad jones drums-charlie fisk / concert bass drum-tom zartler / lead vocal-joni miller / choir-“voices of worship”, cornerstone christian brigitte rottman
…a song of healing…
as I read the words of Isaiah, the melody and music, poured over me…it happened within minutes… the Spirit of God…poured over these words, His words:

photo- sophia foutres
  song lyrics / production credits 
/ cello-chris bryan / piano-joni miller / synth-terri moss / sax-mathew rottman / bass-brad jones           / upright bass-jon seiler / drums-charlie fisk / lead vocal-joni miller 
 keyboard-joni miller / upright bass-jon seiler / drums-charlie fisk / percussion-terri moss /
  vocals-joni miller and christie miller     
Songwriters Notes
Collective Work

put on love

clothe me with compassion / cover me with peace / help me forgive others / the way You’ve forgiven me / clothe me with Your kindness / cover me with peace / let Your word so dwell in me / that others they may see / gonna have a new life / put away the old self, yeah / gonna have a new mind / a mind that’s set on You / and a new heart / fill it with humility, now / and a new voice / to sing songs of gratitude / i’m gonna die,die,die / to immorality / put on love,love,love / put away perversity / i’m gonna die,die,die / to my idolatry / put on love,love,love / and hide myself in Thee / put on love,love,love, put on love/ put on love, love, love, put on love, yeah~~words & music-joni miller


keyboard-joni miller / bass-brad jones / drums-charlie fisk / harmonica -chris chadwick / lead vocal-joni miller/ vocals-christie miller, linda grigsby
photo-elley chadwick
photo-sophia foutres