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This site is designed to review and listen to my collective work through many years of songwriting.  The home page has listed some of my most recent songs for review.   There is also a collective works page under contrstruction that will host  previous songs, simpler production mixes and live versions of my work and worship leading.  If you have any interest in recording any of these songs, or just want to talk about worship, worship leading or songwriting, please contact me at:
   Current Project-5 song cd
a sampling of worship songs by 
        singer, songwriter, worship leader
                                                   joni miller

to the
my lips
for JOY!!
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current project :
recorded at Woodcrest Studio, West Chester,
produced by joni miller & tom zartler
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praise the precious Name of Jesus
 meet me here
streams in the desert
Songwriters Notes
Collective Work

...Worship is the pulling down of the very voices, words & songs of Heaven.  In this, we breathe in the very fragrance of Jesus to shine His glory thro the gloom of earth. When God's glory shows up...everything else is secondary!  
          joni miller 

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put on love
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